Thursday, 31 October 2013

What have we been up to this week??

The Awesome Owls have had a fantastic week!

Some children have made a great start to Term 4 and have already moved up in reading levels. Well done!

For our writing experiences, we were learning how to take care and look after the nature around us at school. On Tuesday we went to the worm farm and talked about what happens in the worm farm and what we can feed it. On Wednesday we planted some strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes in the school garden. It is important that the plants get water and sunshine to help them grow. On Thursday we went to visit the school pigs - Hettie and Percy. We were all able to have a pat and a cuddle, and run around the pen with them!

For discovery, we have begun looking at Space!!!

Room 1 is looking at Planets.
Room 3 is looking at Stars and the galaxy.
Room 4 is looking at Rockets.

We were able to link this learning with our Habits of Mind! Some of the habits we used today were: New Ideas, Listening, Past knowledge and Working with Others.

Here are some pictures from today:

These are Room 4's Rockets.

They will continue to make them in discovery time in week 4!

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