Saturday, 23 November 2013

Week 6 Exciting Events!

We have been doing some exciting things this week! We have been doing class relays each day and then writing about what happened. We had relay races, races with balloons and running races around the field.

Relay races!

Running around the field

We have still been learning about space. This week The Smart Owls were making planets, The Wise Owls were making rockets and The Clever Owls were making Stars. Week 7 & 8 are our final weeks of learning about space. 

The Wise Owls making rockets.

The Smart Owls making and painting the Solar System.

The Wise Owls made a giant rocket. Here we are painting it.

The Clever Owls finished solar system and space display.

What the Clever Owls were working on this week - stars.

Remember that swimming starts monday Week 8 so bring your togs and towel! Make sure they are named. 

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